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September 14, 2008


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Your sweater is beautiful and you will been giving the group lessons. Find an easy starting project for us and that will be our next knitalong.
Your yard is very nice. It looks like a place you can regroup!


Oh dear, how lovely the intarsia looks! That's something I really would love to try one day, as well as Fair Isle, but I don't dare to - "not now, will do it a bit later, after this and this and that"

I'm really impressed and looks forward to follow the progress of it! Hope you will show photos of it soon again and not just wait till it's finished!

Take good care!


Really enjoyed your blog and pictures. Great job on the knitting


Pretty, pretty pix of your yard. I love time out on our deck just as you enjoy your outdoor time. There's a sense of renewal in nature's beauty.



Knitting groups have been a great way for me to meet new people which has been hard to do since finishing school- it feels like everyone has their friends already. I'm glad you're enjoying your new group!

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